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Monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) feeding on tropical milkweed.jpg
"evolution is written on the wings of butterflies"
Charles Darwin

Welcome is a global online forum for people interested in the study and conservation of butterflies and moths. Our aim is to build an international community of professionals and enthusiasts with a passion for the Lepidoptera. New members from all regions of the world are welcome to join us. There are no membership fees.


The forum categories cover a wide variety of subjects. By signing up and logging in, members can post topics, ask questions, upload photos, videos, documents and more. A chat box is provided so that members can send and receive private messages on a one-to-one basis or as a group. The forums also include a variety of resources of interest to both professional and citizen scientists.

We hope our forums develop into a global co-operative of like-minded people, sharing their experiences, thoughts and knowledge on this fascinating subject for the benefit of all.


Thank-you for your interest in our growing community. Please take a look at the forums and sign up to join in.

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